Friday, August 1, 2014

Superman Stamps and Postcards

Here are the newest Superman stamps from Canada Post!

The 5 stamps on this Souvenir Sheet showcase the evolution of Superman’s image throughout 75 years of comic book appearances. The illustrations come from:
1939: Superman #1, cover drawn by Joe Shuster
1945: Superman #32, cover drawn by Wayne Boring
1971: Superman #233, cover drawn by Neal Adams
2004: Superman #204, interior image drawn by Jim Lee
2012: Superman Annual #1, cover drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

These postcards feature designs from some of the most memorable comic book covers of the past 75 years!
1939: Superman #1, drawn by Joe Shuster
1939: Action Comics #13, drawn by Joe Shuster
1986: Man of Steel #1 Special Collector’s Edition, drawn by John Byrne
2004: Superman #204, drawn by Jim Lee
2012: Superman Annual #1, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort

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